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The values assigned to each pixel will describe many attributes but in this essay it's the color value or mix (e.g. As I have already mentioned, when a color is device-dependent, the appearance of pixels with identical values will very often differ because each device has its own unique way of translating the color "value" or "number" into visual color.The role of ICC profiles is to ensure that discrepancies that result from the widely differing color characteristics of each device are known to the color management system. Input profiles typically describe the color characteristics of scanners and digital cameras, whereas Output profiles describe devices such as monitors, printers and film recorders.Explaining the difference can very often lead to even more confusion, but hopefully the following explanation will provide some help.We have already established that the color characteristics of most imaging devices tend to be unique to that device.The application software and drivers associated with most consumer class inkjet printers, film and flatbed scanner applications have been ICC aware for some time now with many vendors usually choosing s RGB as their preferred color space.

Therefore, some means of ensuring that color data is reproduced in a predictable way throughout the entire imaging system is essential.

Nevertheless, they are getting better with each new generation of printer.

As a rule, truly accurate color matching usually requires customised ICC profiles for each device and/or media type.

The one exception being the changes introduced to the new Print dialog.

A typical imaging system will consist of input and output devices, for example: scanners, digital cameras, monitors, and printers.

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