Dating fathers with daughters

If you're a father and you find yourself in a situation where the custodial mother of your child is using custody or visitation as a weapon against you, there are actions you can take. If you're up to date on your child support payments, you are completely entitled to assert any custody or visitation rights you have been given by the most up-to-date court order relating to the custody of your child.If you as a father had your rights violated, please share your experience.Depending on the circumstances, the courts generally (not all the time) favor the mother and grant her custody, leaving the father to pay child support if ordered by the courts.

I have been paying child support since 1997, although the State claims it began in 1999. Abuse of Military Fathers paying Child Support in Virginia I am an active duty Coast Guard member stationed in Portsmouth Virginia.

Some will work under the table, get a job and keep it for about 6 months then quit before the Attorney General’s Office finds the locations of their employment.

These fathers should be punished because they make all fathers look bad , and in the long run, will lower the rights to visitations, modifications, and the right to be called a good father.

Father denied by mother to see child; contempt of court I have paid child support for both of my daughters, whom have different mothers, ever since the courts had me to do so. The State of Texas on Child Support are worse then the Mafia My x lived in another state She moved to Texas for 6 months and moved again and again.

She filed child support which I paid to her in another state and …

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