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The other comments made are true about why SRV did not as well however the reason that SRV gave to Bowie was the dancing.

That Song Was recorded In LE Chateau D herouville That Was managed at the Time by Yves Jaget there was also a T Rex Album recorded there The song was written at the wery Lat minute Cause Iggy was inspired By a "china girl" (vietnamese in fact) That lived in a big house sdepending of the castle So he meet That Girl in the Park and wrote the song very quickly That Laday was at the time the wife of a frenchy Singer So I will not Write her Name in here but it starts with a KI always thought it was about a relationship between the male abuser and his female enabler.

Bob from Lakewood, you are a complete and total idiot for writing this huge heap of crap about psychotic people being 'mentally afflicted' and them not knowing they're experiencing an illness.

I despise intolerably ignorant and dumb people like you and hope you all die out within the next minute. I find it a bit exaggerated to call Joey Feer a racist.

The capital is Lanzhou, located in the southeast part of the province.

Gansu has a population of 26 million (as of 2009) and covers an area of 425,800 square kilometres (164,400 sq mi).and I think it's not likely that it's about any aspect of America culture or history, because "I could escape this feeling with my China girl I feel a wreck without my little China girl" isn't explained by that theory. Its great to see it done by Iggy RANDOM FACT - The girl featuring in the video is Geeling Ng, an actress/model from New Zealand.She had parts in various b-grade tv shows in the late 80's/early 90's, and now features on the cooking segment of the "Asia Down Under" show on New Zealand's TVONE (Sunday @ 8.30am). ) is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the northwest of the country.It lies between the Tibetan and Loess plateaus, and borders Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia to the north, Xinjiang and Qinghai to the west, Sichuan to the south, and Shaanxi to the east.

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