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So if you have ranked the smartest student as a ten in the intelligence category, give the person a rank you feel is appropriate in the popularity category.

Do the same for students you ranked in the popularity category.

A person’s knowledge can be useless in some industries when the person has no people skills.

You can have great ideas, theories, and solve complex problems, but if you cannot effectively communicate that material in a persuasive and exciting manner by relating to your fellow human, you face an uphill battle in whatever challenges you encounter.

Howard Gardner in , says that IQ is too narrow to predicate success.

The implications of emotional intelligence, which is summarized as an understanding of your emotions and the emotions of other people, are profound in communication and many areas of life.

n October 23, 1990, David Pologruto, a high school physics teacher, was stabbed by his smart student Jason Haffizulla.

For the students who had lots of friends, give them a ten in the popularity category. If you have problems remembering, quickly write the ranks down on paper.

Now, with the students you have ranked in one category, rank them in the other category.

The transition for intelligent people from being goal-oriented to process and people-oriented is usually realized through experience.

If you have experience in hiring people, you know the importance of people skills.

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