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Fishermen complain year-in and year-out how it is taking them longer to fish the same or less fish.And with each passing year, fishing costs increase while incomes decrease in real terms.The ongoing community carnage in Hout Bay, which was apparently sparked by recommendations by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries' (DAFF) scientific working group on lobster to cut the 2017/2018 season TAC by 69%, exposes our coastal communities' grave reliance on lobster for the incomes.Reliance on a single resource for ones entire or substantial portion of incomes even as small scale commercial fishers, has long been considered problematic.

West coast rock lobster today is only at 2% of pristine levels.

"There is now a decoupling of GDP growth from increase in electricity demand, that is the relationship is no longer linear.

This is because intensive energy users are now using more energy efficient technologies and the structure of the economy is changing (towards) less intensive energy industries, for example services.

The low cost of smaller generation units facilitated this approach, he said.

A key concern plaguing fisheries management in South Africa (besides the ever-problematic growth in demand and call for more quotas vs the depressing contraction of available quotas: see our last piece which touches on this subject), is the ongoing inability by fisheries compliance officials to make any significant impact in reducing illegal fishing - whether it is hake, pilchards, abalone, lobsters or line fishes. What is needed is a single-mindedness to cut out corruption by departmental staff, fishery control officers and the local "fisheries monitors" and to urgently implement some basic forms of smart monitoring, management and reporting technologies.

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