Free adult instant messages

Editor's note: The AP/AOL study is not available in its entirety to the public.

However, the two articles cited in footnotes 4 and 5 are different summaries of its content and together provide a big-picture look at the study's findings.

Because of the quick delivery, IMing can be much more like a conversation than say, e-mail.

IM doesn't cost anything beyond the price of an Internet connection, so it becomes an alternative to paying long distance phone bills.

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And now, mobile technology allows instant messaging from cell phones, so it's possible to IM nearly anytime and anywhere. and Google all distribute instant messaging software, and technology solutions are becoming increasingly available that allow users of different IM providers to communicate with each other.

Facebook Messenger saw the biggest fall by dropping from 39% to 34% between November to May while Whats App saw its userbase increase from 22% to 30% within the same period.

Snapchat continues to increase in usage with 21% of Irish adults using it, an eight point increase since November, while Vine is virtually unchanged since August, hovering around the 4% mark.

For example, 43 percent of teen IMers say they use it for discussions they prefer not to have in person — including potentially awkward or embarrassing ones about asking for a date or ending a relationship.

In most cases, these aren't reasons to forbid teens to use IM — just opportunities for teachable moments about responsibility, healthy risk-taking in relationships, and the cultivation of good study habits.

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