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Log lighters are available from home-improvement centers and typically require no tools for installation. After making certain that the pre-installed gas supply to the fire pit is turned off, remove the caps from the gas connections.

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Choose from a variety of acrylic sign holders, brochure pockets, and poster frames to enhance your presentation with informative material and bright graphics.Each poses a different style, but all have the same hook-and-loop material to make the presentation your own.Why purchase a booth that doesn’t have the flexibility to create your own layout when you can buy one of our exhibition stands?Once you've checked and adjusted the log lighters for proper operation, turn the gas off, allow the elements to cool and turn the log lighters so that the holes face down.Both the gas holes and the air-inlet should face downward to provide even dispersion of the flame throughout the rocks, and so they don't become clogged or filled with rainwater.

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