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While some Chinatowns have retained their status as the ethnic Chinese enclave, many of them have lost that status.The cities with the ten highest Chinese American populations, with New York City comprising over half of the combined total, according to the 2015 American Community Survey, were as follows: and a second at First and Adams Street in the present location of the Talking Stick Resort Arena.

There was a Chinatown in Eureka, which was established around the 1880s.

As the migration trends toward returning to China, many Chinatowns, especially smaller ones like the one in Washington DC, begin to lose their initial mission.

Today, many urban Chinatowns in the United States are becoming visitor centers rather than serving as the ethnic enclaves they once were, although the rapidly growing satellite New York City Chinatowns in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn on Long Island represent a stark exception to this trend in North America, fueled by continuing robust levels of large-scale immigration from mainland China specifically directed toward New York.

Sacramento's Chinatown was located on "I" Street from Second to Sixth Streets.

At the time this area of "I" Street was considered a health hazard as, lying within a levee zone it was lower than other parts of the city which were situated on higher land.

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