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A large range of topics are covered in these educational articles, from back-talking toddlers to college-bound teenagers.

There are also articles about best practices to use with kids and teens with specific mental and physical needs.

Robert and Raymond's parents were not around when they were in High School, leaving the brothers to take care of the rest of the family.

Now, the two are ready to make themselves and their bodies a priority again. A man is slowly choking to death by his overgrown face. Members of a family embrace being born with six fingers on each hand. Life Coach and Fitness Expert, Peter Nielsen shows you how Cardio and Interval Training can burn fat calories while also taking care of your heart.

Careers and relationships are imperiled as the patients’ worsening ailments wreak havoc on their lives.

Follow the incredible true stories of people struggling with baffling and life-threatening illnesses – and the brilliant doctors who diagnose them. But in some instances, love and sex can lead people 'round to the swinging doors of the emergency room, with medical mishaps that are bizarre, potentially risky and very, very funny.

In this compelling dramatic series, Sin City ER reveals the gritty real-life medical dramas that unfold behind Las Vegas’ glitzy façade at one of the most unique ERs in America: University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

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An 11-year-old undergoes fire treatment to lose weight.

These parenting articles are great for anyone who wants to raise a healthy, happy child.

A lot happens in reading over the course of kindergarten, so here's a handy guide to help you know where your child should be with reading skills at the beginning of the kindergarten year, as well as at the end.

"Strange" doesn't seem to adequately describe some of the addictive behaviors profiled on this series.

"Dangerous," even "life-threatening," come much closer. Each half-hour episode features two adults who resort to extreme compulsions in an effort to soothe their emotional demon Doctors recount the most memorable cases they’ve ever encountered.

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