On the side dating

Our grandparents' generation dated the old fashion way.It started with asking permission from the parents, calling to set-up dates and knocking on the door to pick them up.

But what if you are not meeting your suitable match, but instead an unsuitable. There was one guy who I met up with more than once but this was short lived, as I realized that I was still healing from my previous relationship. This was after I got into networking online more for both business and pleasure. Simply on one level, I wasn't going out a lot, thus not opening up the opportunities. By this time my lifestyle blog Sophia World was up and running. " Why not talk in the way I usually do when connecting to people? Everything is going okay until you realise that you are now in the middle of sexting [sex text messages].

I experienced one encounter where the guy came across as respectable. But if you are wanting something much more meaningful, a connection, be upfront.

He was very much into wellness and self-development. A good clue as to whether a person is interested in you is in the questions they ask. If you are lonely find other ways to meet new people.

I first ventured into online dating over ten years ago. You do not ever need to lower your beliefs or core values. It's so much lighter to think, "okay, maybe he/she is not a match".

And it was not in the format you may expect nowadays. Work on yourself if you are finding that you feel low about yourself.

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