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Annika Larsson, researcher in textile archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Uppsala University, said: 'It is a staggering thought that the bands, just like the costumes, was made west of the Muslim heartland.'That we so often maintain that Eastern objects in Viking Age graves could only be the result of plundering and eastward trade doesn't hold up as an explanatory model'The inscriptions appear in typical Viking Age clothing that have their counterparts in preserved images of Valkyries.Analyses of materials, weaving techniques and design suggest ancient Persian and Central Asian origins.'Grave goods such as beautiful clothing, finely sewn in exotic fabrics, hardly reflect the deceased's everyday life, just as little as the formal attire of our era reflects our own daily lives,' she added.'The rich material of grave goods should rather be seen as tangible expressions of underlying values.Kufic characters were found during the Viking Age in mosaics on burial monuments and mausoleums in Central Asia.The NRM recently staged a demonstration in the city of Gothenburg, which resulted in a mass brawl.

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Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden working to recreate textile patterns found in Viking woven bands made the discovery.

Burial costumes from Viking boat graves have provided more evidence of contact between Nordic tribes and ancient Islam.

A study of the garments, found in 9th and 10th century graves, has revealed the presence of Arabic script invoking Allah.

Similar text has now been found on grave costumes uncovered inside chamber graves at sites such as Birka as well as in boatgraves in the Gamla Uppsala area'In the Quran, it is written that the inhabitants of Paradise will wear garments of silk, which along with the text band's inscriptions may explain the widespread occurrence of silk in Viking Age graves.'The findings are equally prevalent in both men's and women's graves.' This is not the first time that a Viking artefact with links to Islam has been unearthed.

A ring, made over 1,000 years ago, confirmed contact between the Vikings and the ancient Muslim world.

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