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Dear Reader: Some people are not comfortable with their own sexuality and they object to prostitution, and cuckold stories. * Wanting to experience large group orgies, something Germany is famous for, we had booked to attend a day time event called: BBQ, Pool and Fun at the Auhof Swinger Club. There was anticipation of sinful pleasure written all over her face.

As usual, it was Bambi who solved this problem with one of her brilliant suggestions. I mean why don't I trade places with one of the whores and fuck a nice horny German customer. Our journey had begun with a week in the Rhine valley, taking in the sights, food and culture of Germany.

Bambi was delighted by the sexual freedom this open type of relationship offered her.

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A pleasure only equaled to that of watching her getting fucked vigorously by some bull, , and then seeing her groan as she experiences a strong climax on his hard cock, buried deep inside her small dirty married snatch."Why, I have never done anything like that before, but why not..." Three hundred Euros of easy money went a long way to smoothing over objections to request even as peculiar as this. She paused and pointed to one of the doors, adding: "You can take a quick wash in there, please.One obviously was I translated the conversation into Thai for Bambi, and she smiled at the madam, content with the thought that soon she would soon be pretending to be one of the girls and taking care of some horny German. She counted the money hungrily and stuffed the notes into her cleavage. Your girl can come with me to the girls' shower." I quickly washed and returned to the entrance lounge to find Bambi standing there, dressed in her sexy black body glove and heels, chatting with the two other Thai hookers I had noticed earlier.What's more, most sex tourists going to Thailand love to fuck Thai bar girls, and are easily horny, so why shouldn't girls get to enjoy them too?Dressed like a slut in short clinging micro dresses, and then walking around in her hooker heels without any panties or bra, it was no wonder she made guys horny, and often got propositioned when we went out together during the evening.

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